Day 19. 49 km. Josselin-Pontivy Total 939km

Beautiful crisp morning as we left our hotel this morning.
Hardly any people on the tow path. We stopped to take a walk around this very pretty lake. A good time for Huxley to do some doggy exploring without having to race after bicycles.
Another 24 km for Huxley today. He, rests in the basket for a few km, then whines to get out and run again!
As much of the cycle track is under trees, it is the time of year they are releasing their abundance of nuts and we have spent much time on our canal leg popping acorns; now beech nuts and conkers have added to the hazards on the path.
Very good signage, and also in the Celtic Breton language. Doesn’t look French at all

Now we started to climb, following a flight of about 25 locks and we reached a giddy height of 135 metres amsl; the highest we’ve been for 2 weeks!

It was also a very artsy fartsy place, where artists had their work displayed along the canal. It was fun looking at all their creations.

And there goes Mary Poppins!
I rather liked these old photos along the canal of what it used to be like in the same place, many years ago. There were literally dozens of them.
An old bread oven on the canal side. We saw several, in the middle of villages, 2 days ago.
Now more rows of oaks for a wind break and shade.
A tool station and tyre pump for cyclists to use!
Finally, at cut at the top the canal, before a good 10 kms of downhill to our night’s stop at Pontivy.


  1. Reblogged this on Paul Davies Cartoons & Stuff and commented:
    Fancy a journey by bike through France? Take a look at this blog by Rob Keene, local Gloucester farmer, who’s forcing his wife and dog to do it too. I have the feeling that the dog started out as an Irish wolfhound and the mileage and wear and tear has turned him into a daschund. Well worth a read and some great pictures of France by bike.


  2. When I watched the video of Huxley, all I could hear in my head was the music from Chariots of Fire!
    We are going to miss our morning reports, (unless you fancy turning around at Roscoff & doing it in reverse?).
    Has Tim sorted the car?
    Best of luck!


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